Toilet Cleaning Liquid Turns Dangerous For Respiration

One of the household appliances that should always be available is toilet cleaning fluid. With this liquid, then we can clean the floor tiles, walls, or even the bathroom tub from a variety of dirt or crust that can make the bathroom look more dirty or uncomfortable. It’s just that, if we look, the aroma of this toilet cleaning fluid has a very strong scent. Therefore, when there are ceramic cleaning services such as Tile Cleaning The Hills, we must use them. We can use their ability to clean floors and tiles if we feel we can’t do it ourselves home page.

This pungent aroma does tend to gradually disappear after the bathroom is used several times. Unfortunately, according to health experts, it helps us to be aware of this toilet cleaning liquid with a pungent odor because it can harm the health of the body’s breathing.

In a study it was mentioned that often using disinfectants which also have ammonium compounds, ingredients that are found in toilet cleaning fluid, it can increase the risk of developing several types of lung diseases such as bronchitis or emphysema. In addition to this content, other content in the form of sodium Laureth sulfate (SLS) can also trigger skin and eye irritation and cresylic acid or cresol is also considered the United States Environmental Protection Agency can trigger the arrival of cancer.

A health expert once mentioned that carbolic acid or detergents used to clean toilets were also able to kill spoilage bacteria in the septic tank. If we often splash the toilet or carbolic cleaning fluid in the toilet hole, then the decaying bacteria in the septic tank will die and eventually, it can trigger a foul odor from the dirt collection place.

Seeing this fact, be careful when choosing a toilet cleaning liquid. Usually, liquids that don’t have a pungent odor tend to be safer to use. However, to be sure, look at the label ingredients of this toilet cleaning fluid and do not choose those that have dangerous chemicals.

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