This Is How Professional Chefs Fry Foods Healthily

Fried food processing techniques are often associated with health problems. The reason is, even though frying is the most popular cooking technique, the use of oil in its processing is considered to be able to trigger various diseases such as increased cholesterol and the presence of bad fat content in it. Meanwhile, if you’re looking for an amazing fryer, you can find more info here.

No need to worry, you can still work around this in various ways so that the results of fried dishes become healthier. The use of healthier types of oil can be done to prevent the adverse effects of fried dishes.

Moreover, currently there are various types of healthy oils available on the market that are free of bad fats and cholesterol and we can choose as needed. For example, canola oil, sunflower oil, to coconut oil. Different types of oil also have different boiling points. Coconut oil, for example, has the highest boiling point so it doesn’t burn quickly.

Not only that, but a high boiling point can also make the oil become more durable and not easily damaged. A cooking process that uses oil with a low boiling point will make it quickly turn black and turn it into poison.

When frying food, make sure it isn’t foaming. The foam indicates that food still contains steam, so to get the right level of maturity, wait until there is no foam.

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