Ways To Help Blood Circulation

To help blood circulation throughout the body, you can use a discover more and it is better to limit daily salt intake. Not without reason, excessive salt intake into the body is closely related to the increased risk of hypertension, heart disease and slowing the rate of blood flow in the body. To note, the salt consumption limit per day per person is based on the Ministry of Health’s recommendation, which is 5 grams or 1 teaspoon of salt.

Bathing in warm water with a combination of a few drops of essential oil can give the impression of relaxing to the body, releasing muscle tension and improving blood circulation so that oxygen and various nutrients can circulate throughout the body properly. Even so, this habit should not be done every day, because it can give bad effects such as enlarged pores and reduce the quality of male sperm. Just do it occasionally and try to rinse the body with cold water after a warm shower.

Managing stress well plays an important role as one of the natural ways of blood circulation. Based on findings published in The British Heart Journal, it is said that stress can cause blood vessels to narrow. As a result, blood circulation will deteriorate and a decrease in blood flow throughout the body. Even excess stress can be a cause of damage to the cardiovascular system which is characterized by angina or pain in the chest. Manage stress well, do a variety of positive and interesting activities such as going to a place you like, exercising or maybe just watching a movie in the cinema.

Applying deep breathing techniques has a number of health benefits, including being able to expedite blood flow and lymph fluid throughout the body, improve lung function, control pain and stimulate relaxation. So, how do you do it? Place one hand on the stomach and one hand on the chest. Take a deep breath through the nose slowly until the chest feels interested, hold for 7 seconds. Then release slowly through the mouth. Repeat 5 to 10 times, doing this technique as often as possible every day.