These Two Factors Might Damage Your Air Conditioner

In order to help you become more aware of the operation of the AC, and before undesired damage occurs. It is better if you know what causes the AC in your home to be damaged frequently. Furthermore, you may call the company of aire acondicionado tijuana if you can’t repair your AC on your own aire acondicionado pros.

The following are two things that might be causing damage to the air conditioner:

Dust that has accumulated

How it works is to suck dirty air from outside the room, then filtered by the air conditioner so that the incoming air is clean filtered air. Air filtering in the AC working system is what causes a lot of dust to accumulate and results in not optimal filtering of the air conditioner. And damaged AC is often caused by this. Dust and dirt trapped in the AC filter will block the path of the AC drain, which will make water come out of the AC through another hole in the engine. Not only damage the air conditioning system work, dust and dirt that can accumulate can also cause respiratory problems in humans, such as asthma or even allergies. That is because the air conditioner is not cleaned regularly, so mold and bacteria will flourish and make the air conditioner dirty. You need to do regular cleaning on the AC parts, such as air filters, fans (blowers) and evaporators to be free from dust and dirt.

The freon leaks

Freon that leak can occur because there is a duct pipe that serves to drain cold air out clogged by the amount of dirt and dust. But other causes are due to slack pipe installation connections or capacitor problems. You can mark the damage of the air conditioner due to freon leaking by seeing if frost appears on the pipe connected with the outdoor or you can also check whether there are traces of oil in the leaking area. You can use foam with soapy water to look for leakage points. Freon leakage problems usually lie in the use of air conditioners for more than 8 years so that the AC parts have rusted a lot and there are some bolts that have been loosened.

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