Luminous Ceiling And Carpets Will Be The Future Trends

Lighting can be available directly on the carpet and ceiling of the house. In the future, homeowners will not need a light bulb as is often done today. “I believe lighting has never been as attractive as it is today. With LED technology, we can really use lighting in a variety of materials. We can make the ceiling glow or even make a wall that has an image on its surface, “said Van Der Heide, Philips Lighting Design Officer. Aside from that, if your carpet is very dirty, you can call the trusted The Hills carpet cleaning.

One of the ceiling lighting products that has been launched by adopting lighting technology is OneSpace. Van der Heide thinks this product is a special ceiling that can provide lighting according to the needs of the homeowner.

“OneSpace does not yet have a standard size. We want to make the size you need. I think the level of collaboration and personalization with architects like this is the difference between good lighting and extraordinary, “added Van der Heide.

In addition to the OneSpace ceiling lighting, the Light + Building 2014 event held in Frankfurt also introduced luminous fabrics. The fabrics are equipped with LED lights that can be programmed behind the fabric surface. Kvadrat, a textile producer from Denmark, has produced this unique fabric.

“We developed the carpet together with a company from the Netherlands called Desso,” said Van der Heide. “We have added lights to the surface. We place pixels on the carpet that can guide you through space or create interesting patterns.

Carpets like this can also be used for emergency purposes for example as a pointer to evacuation routes. Not only that, because the lights can be turned on and off the lights on the carpet will not interfere with the overall design of the room.

Van der Heide believes that in the future, LED lights will come in smaller sizes. With its smaller size, integrating LED lighting on carpets and ceilings in the interior of the house becomes something normal.

Technology is increasingly sophisticated from time to time. Technological advances have also influenced the development of architecture and its supporting components including ceilings and room carpets. Ceiling and carpet with technology like this are very suitable for home interiors and buildings with modern concepts.

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