How To Keep The Grass Green

You probably hear the saying the grass is always greener on the other side. In daily life, it sometimes happens. Not because they are more fortunate, but because your neighbors must be taking care of their yard more seriously because they know that it needs to be maintained well to keep it look green and fresh all the time. Many people think that watering the grass is enough but that is not the truth. Like any other plant in your garden, grass needs maintenance. The most important part of maintenance is mowing the lawn. Best zero turn mower like Poulan Pro, Husqvarna and Swisher are the most suitable machine that could help you mow your lawn without any hassle.

Mowing the grass could keep them green and fresh. However, make sure that the blade is sharp because blunt lawn mowers will produce imperfect grass cuts. If it happens then the grass will easily turn brown. That is why it is important to also maintain your lawnmower in a perfect condition so your grass is healthy. Another way to maintain its health is when you start sowing new seeds, also use this time to repel insects around them. The best time to fertilize the lawn in the yard is when the weather is rainy and cool. Providing nutrition to the grass when the dry or dry season is completely useless, it even makes the grass more damaged.

The process of aerating aka cleaning up lumps of soil around the grass can help reduce soil compaction. Besides, this method can also provide more space for plant roots to grow. The more space is free, the water, fertilizer, and oxygen and have a deeper concentration so that the grass becomes healthy and the color remains green. The prohibition on stepping on grass is annoying, but this turned out to be very influential in keeping the grass green. This should be avoided, especially when the yard is dry and cracked. If the yard is watered diligently, you can step on it but not too often, because the water only survives in certain layers, not to the end of the root.